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Johnson Street Church of Christ
Our sons are all in their 30’s now. Since their teenaged years, they have had Internet and a cell phone. Being connected is their world. Over the holidays we laid Debbie’s dad to rest in St. Louis. Our oldest son Jesse drove us there and back. One of his concerns (and ours) was that we would be offline
while we stayed in his Grandpa Joe’s house. Joe was disconnected. His satellite TV no longer functioned. There was no Internet, and barely a wireless signal where he lived. What would we do? The first day we actually considered buying a cellular hotspot. Jesse figured out how to configure his smartphone as a hotspot, but
we used it only once. I’ll let Jesse tell you why, from his Facebook post about it: The upside of the week was actually spending most of that time in a house with no TV, internet, or wifiwith myparents. We had lots of good conversations and some great game nights. I wish it didn’t take a funeral to give us that kind of time. Ouch.
Our connected world of gaming, Facebook, and news came to an end for six days. The real world of people, conversations, fun, and love was connected in its place. We sought not privacy, but each other. We remembered what it was to have, and to give, undivided attention. And we liked it.
Randy Daw Minister
3401 Johnson Street - Greenville, TX •
(903) 455 - 3710
Sunday worship 10:30 & 6:00 • Sunday classes 9:30 • Wednesday classes 7:00 • Interpreted for the deaf • Services in espanol
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PostedJanuary 14, 2017